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These days a veterinary visit can mean a lot of things for a pet parent and their family member. It can cause fear, frustration, confusion, or even mistrust. But what if there were a hospital that you could walk into and feel at ease and comfortable from start to finish? When a client walks in the door at Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital we strive to provide a welcoming and educational environment to create that exact feeling for them during each and every visit. We have doctors who specialize in many species and modalities, allowing every family member to receive the care and experience that they deserve.

At Advanced Care we take pride in providing alternative and integrative care that can help and heal your pets. We work with pet parents closely to allow them to achieve optimal pet health through the balance of mind, body, and overall wellness while using both Eastern and Western medicine. We take our time with each patient while educating and allowing owners to participate in their pets care during the entire process. This allows pet parents to understand what is happening and to be guided to make the best possible choices for their family member. Our doctors and technicians are always available when questions or concerns arise.

Advanced Care also offers gold standard and up-to-date medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care as well as customized rehabilitation, chiropractic, and acupuncture services.


Advanced Care always strives to offer the best quality of care for any price range. We offer Health Plans created by our doctors that offers easy monthly payment options for pet parents. A Preventive Care Clinic is also offered once a month, where we waive the office visit so your pet can receive all of his or her yearly preventive care by their regular veterinarian at an affordable price.  


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