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Services For The Stud

Services for the Stud:

Semen Collection:

Semen can be collected and evaluated for motility, morphology, and total number of sperm cells. Semen can be used solely for analysis, or used at the same time to inseminate a bitch. It can also be collected for chilled shipment or for freezing.

If you have a teaser bitch available, feel free to bring her with you to the appointment, as this will facilitate ideal results. If you would like help arranging a teaser for your stud dog, please contact the hospital for possible arrangements. If a staff or client teaser dog is provided, we will require a current brucellosis test within 6 months of the appointment. A Brucella test can be run at the time of the appointment, if he does not have current testing.

If your dog has not been collected before, it is wise to have some “practice” visits to ensure that if the collections in his future are time sensitive that he be willing to perform. Most dogs are very happy to collect with minimal help, but others are nervous about a new experience.

Fresh Chilled Semen Shipment:

If there is interest in your stud at a distance from our clinic, we can facilitate next-day shipments of your dog’s semen via special semen extenders and packaging. We recommend that the bitch to receive the shipment undergo ovulation timing, in order to have the shipment(s) arrive at the best possible time for breeding.

If you are planning a chilled semen shipment for your dog, please let us know once the bitch comes in heat, and have the responsible party (usually the bitch’s owner) call a receptionist to record shipment information as well as put a payment method on file for the future appointment. Keep us updated as she approaches the need for semen shipment, so that we can best arrange appointment times for you.

Same-day shipments are also be possible via courier service to the cargo area of certain airlines at the Tulsa International Airport. This is not a common recommendation, but may be suitable for dogs that produce semen that is sensitive to shipping, or in the event the bitch receiving it progressed quicker than anticipated.

Semen Freezing:

Cryopreservation of semen for future use is available. Canine frozen semen is suspected to last hundreds (if not thousands) of years if properly maintained in liquid nitrogen. Currently, canine semen frozen at the beginning of this technology’s use in our dogs is being used successfully.

Frozen semen has many advantages for our canine breeding programs. It can allow an exceptional dog to be available for breeding after his death. It can provide “insurance” for the valuable dog in your breeding program in the event an accident occurs, causing loss of his testicles or his life. It can provide a safe method for shipment to other countries around the world, and allow for importation of new genetics to the USA. It can also be a great tool to preserve the qualities we “lose” from our lines over the years, and make our programs more consistent. Some owners use this technology as a convenience measure if they desire to keep fewer males, and instead allow those males to be placed as a new companion for a family.

We proudly store our semen with Zoetis. After your freeze appointment, the semen is held temporarily on-site at our clinic, and then transported (no charge) to Zoetis’s main hub in Kansas City, MO. Zoetis maintains large storage tanks of liquid nitrogen that are optimal for preserving semen. The sole responsibility of their staff is to monitor the tanks and facilitate quick shipment of semen to other facilities for use. One major benefit is that they provide greatly discounted return shipment to our clinic, for use on your own bitches, as well as to other Zoetis Freeze Center veterinarians. For your convenience, Zoetis maintains an online log of your semen for you, which will be updated when any movement for use occurs.

We generally designate one day per week that freezing can occur. It is an all-day process and we prefer to have full attention on your dog’s freezing process. Please let us know if you are looking to have one of your dog‘s semen frozen, and we will schedule you in to the best date to fit your schedule.

Before coming to your appointment, please consider the following:

-What are your goals with freezing semen for this dog?

-How many doses am I looking to store?

-Is this semen going to be shipped internationally? To what country? (***please inform us prior to the appointment, so that any additional requirements can be met for collection prior to freeze)

If your dog is freezing with us for the first time, please contact a receptionist, or come by the office, in order to get appropriate paperwork for the appointment. We will need to have a copy of his registration and DNA profile if he is an AKC registered dog (*DNA swab can be acquired at the time of collection by Dr. Hesser if he doesn’t have one already). Current pictures of him will be taken at the time of his appointment to include in his freezing package. A current Brucella test within 6 months with our clinic or your regular veterinarian is recommended. Please bring a copy of this test if it was performed at another hospital. This test can be performed at the time of his appointment if needed.

After the semen is transported to the Zoetis storage center, they will contact you directly for annual billing for storage. There is no charge for temporary storage in our tank prior to arriving at Zoetis.

Epididymal Flush

Sometimes bad things happen: a dog escapes a fence and is hit by a car, a lethal dog fight occurs, a dog has a bloat incident. Recently, a technique has evolved that can retrieve sperm from the epididymis of animals, which is the resting place for mature sperm prior to ejaculation. With the sudden death of a dog, sometimes his legacy can be maintained by retrieving this sperm and freezing it for later use.

This technique can be performed on testicles that have been removed post-mortem (or just prior to euthanasia) by a veterinarian, and placed in a cool container. It is recommended to perform immediately post-mortem (<12 hours; the sooner the better). Most any veterinarian can perform the initial “neuter”, and the testes can be preserved in a cool container overnight or to transport to Dr. Hesser for freezing. Success with canine epididymal sperm has been documented, although this procedure is more commonly used for livestock and equine species after castration.

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