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Health Testing

Health Testing:

Brucella Testing:

Brucella is a bacterial disease that is contagious to other dogs as well as their owners. Transmission is possible through nose-to-nose contact with another dog, as well as through any breeding or insemination. To protect your dogs as well as those you’re breeding to, we recommend testing every 6 months for active brood bitches and stud dogs. Bitches should have testing prior to any planned litter, including her first breeding.

Testing can be performed with a simple in-house test in our hospital. If your dog has been tested, please bring the testing paperwork with you to your appointment for our records.

OFA Testing:

Hips, elbows, patellas, shoulders, dentition, and thyroid testing is available through our hospital. Digital radiography and optimal positioning with experienced staff is utilized for orthopedic tests. To know which tests are appropriate for your breed, please visit your parent club’s website or for guidance. Some tests must be performed by a specialist (eye testing, cardiac testing, etc). We are happy to help arrange these appointments for you, or recommend an upcoming health clinic at local shows.

Genetic Testing:

Various other tests may be recommended in your breed, which may be found at the website. Please let us know if there is something special your breed requires. This helps us better prepare for what sample is needed and where exactly the sample should be sent.

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